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Customer Services BPO

Customer service BPO acts as a bridge to connect businesses to their customers and, in turn, vice versa. How you interact with your customers is a sign of professionalism and the quality of your service. Our customer service BPOhelps create your brand's reputation and brand image. As more and more customers want their responses as quickly as possible, businesses of all sizes, from minor to, need a cost-effective, flexible solution that can give their customers the most satisfying experience. In the end, outsourcing is the most efficient choice for many businesses. Customer service support outsourcing can help you handle customer problems so that your main business can run smoothly without interruption.

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Every app should have an area for support as an option for users to access when they require assistance - this is why there should be an interaction between an app's users. It is the place to offer all the information needed from general details about the service or product as well as frequently asked questions and answers, making it as simple as it is to fix users' issues.

In-app support is in a position to help your business in the following ways:

  • Making clear instructions and information
  • Prioritising users' convenience
  • Creating and maintaining a list of common issues
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction & excellent user experience

Live Chat Support

Live Chat is a virtual channel to interact with customers. Because they are exposed to an omnichannel and large amount of information every day, they want a quick response instead of being placed on a waiting list for basic inquiries. It is crucial to ensure that Live Chat Support Agents provide the highest level of customer care.

Thus, live chat support agents are crucial to offer the highest level of customer service.

  • Professionally trained using company scripts as well as SOPS and product expertise.
  • Rapid response to customers
  • Collect helpful information for branding exposure
  • Engaging in meaningful interactions
  • Genuine conversations

Email Support

Despite the increasing use of automated email and online interactions, emails are still the primary method of first contact. Although automation can deliver prompt responses to your customers, it's difficult to personalise and isn't able to convey an authentic style of speaking. We have Email Support Agents that are the solution for efficient email communications.

  • Improve brand-customer interaction
  • Help and support customers with any issue or complaint
  • Respond to various types of questions in the shortest time possible
  • Offer customers solutions
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Call Center

Contact centres are vital to ensure an instant connection with your customers. We offer a central team that functions as a BPO Call centre to take calls inbound and outbound from your existing and possibly new customers. The call centre can reduce the wait time through direct and valuable conversations.

Apart from helping solve your customers' problems and issues, our call centre personnel will also assist the decision-making process of your customers, which is the most crucial stage of buying any item or product. Our staff are proficient in their language and will be equipped with the complete, essential information about your service or product to ensure that your customers are delighted.

Email Support Outsourcing

Customer service is a must-have for any company, regardless of size or complexity. In the age known as relationship marketing, it's essential to ensure that every interaction is as pleasant and productive as possible.

Find out how we are working in partnership with Gear Inc India to handle the customer support emails that give your company a significant advantage over competitors.

Why outsource email support?

We can provide the highest customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing email support isn't about doing things in the cheapest way possible and giving your customers the lowest quality of service. The traditional offshore email support services for business and business Process Outsources (BPOs) who have earned a bad name over the years are now on their way out and becoming replaced by specific companies with highly-trained email support specialists staff.

At present, email support outsourcing is all about trying to satisfy the requirements and expectations of your clients and leave them with pleasant experiences. It provides solutions that are very adaptable and requires little to no upfront expense.

Outsourcing support for email can now meet your client's requirements. Gear Inc India can provide the advantages of email support, including:

  • Faster email response time
  • A rise in satisfaction of customers
  • Improve the reliability of your customers' support services.
  • Boost your customer retention rates
  • You don't have to worry about email backlogs anymore with our top-quality support for the email team's speedy turnaround time.

A well-served customer is a loyal customer. Therefore, outsourcing customer service is an essential aspect of business success, that is, the retention of customers.

The costs of getting an additional customer could be five times greater than the expense of keeping an existing customer. The likelihood of selling to a customer who is already a client is 60-70%, whereas the chance of selling to a potential customer is only 5-10 per cent. Any business with ambitions to grow by maximising returns and reducing expenses must be attentive to customer service.

It's becoming more crucial to keep customers loyal by engaging them via communications channels like email, voicemail, and live chat!

Our high-quality Email Service for Support Outsourcing

With the increase in social media platforms, 350 billion email messages are forecast to be delivered daily through 2021.

It's an important communication channel for your clients and for you to connect with them via emails, not just giving them answers through email but also promoting your business via email.

Fast & Efficient Email Communication

Every app should have an area for support as an option for users to access when they require assistance - this is why there should be an interaction between an app's users. It is the place to offer all the information needed from general details about the service or product as well as frequently asked questions and answers, making it as simple as it is to fix users' issues.

In-app support is in a position to help your business in the following ways:

  • Making clear instructions and information
  • Prioritising users' convenience
  • Creating and maintaining a list of common issues
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction & excellent user experience

Research & Prompt Service via Email

One of the most frequent complaints of customers who use an outsourced email support provider is the difficulty in understanding the agent's or agent's inability to comprehend the customer's concerns or follow up on previous messages. In other words, there are no rigorous quality assurance processes for email and personal responses.

Our efficient email support service can solve this problem.

By utilising Gear Inc India Email support, our support staff will spend a significant amount of time researching problems that may arise and will be able to respond to customer emails with informed knowledge. 

As your sole outsourcing service provider, We will also assist you with standard responses to client demands.

Get in touch with us now for a no-cost consultation today!

Outsource Support for Email
What is the cost?

We provide email scaleable support plans for minimal investment. An expanding business could allow its staff in-house to manage the essential tasks that generate sales and growth. At the same time, highly-trained outsourced customer support experts handle high-volume and low-value requests.

We price you based on the particular needs of your business and not on the amount we accomplish or how we respond to your clients.

Gear Inc India guarantees:

  • 100% No hidden fees/integration/set-up costs
  • 100% Flexible Short/long-term contracts
  • zero charges for work performed during public holidays, weekends and the peak hours

CRM or customer service is essential to any company, no matter its size or importance. We also recognise that each business is unique. Gear Inc India offers a variety of customised plans that provide solutions to your specific business requirements at the price of a custom quote that will work for you.

Advanced Customer Support Outsourcing
Gear Inc India

Gear Inc India | In-Back Office Outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing Customer Support Services

P.T. Barnum Barnum, the 19th-century American showman and owner of the circus Barnum, the showman from America, once said, "There's nothing so bad that's bad public relations". He meant that it didn't matter whether the talk about you was positive or negative if people were talking about you. If you're running an expanding business, you'll likely need to extend the reach of your support options at some time. Here is a brief overview of Gear Inc India's various support services for customers that can assist your company in making headlines worthy of being featured in the media.

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1. Technical Support Services outsourcing

When we hear the term tech support, it's easy to envision individuals working in call centres receiving calls from angry customers, angry overpayments, or delivery problems. But, these issues will be dealt with by your customer support department rather than those who support your technology. If the issue is due to an installation error, glitch, or any other technical problem, your customers want to know the problem is solved to allow them to get moving on with their tasks. They call the number and contact tech support.

Technical support for hardware and software and maintenance are essential for ensuring your business runs seamlessly throughout the day. Customers want solutions for their problems fast and require customer-focused support that provides world-class troubleshooting. If you don't have a technical support team to address these issues and issues, customers may cease using your product. It's that easy. Gear Inc India provides professional technical support in BPO (BPO) and supports 24 hours every day, seven days a year, for less than the cost of hiring an internal team.

2. E-Commerce and retail Customer Support Services BPO

As per Forbes Magazine, a staggering 96% of consumers change brands due to poor customer care. So, if your business already offers excellent customer service, you'll easily attract more new customers. If your customer service isn't as good and you are not providing it, you're at risk of losing vast amounts of loyal customers. Excellent customer service can play a role in the growth of each business, but there are different strategies needed for traditional retail assistance versus eCommerce support:

2.1 Sales Customer Service

Retail is very competitive. What you sell, your customers will be able to find similar products or items elsewhere. The service you offer during or after your sale keeps customers satisfied and loyal to you. With customised programming, Gear Inc India agents will provide the same excellent customer service as if they were addressing customers' queries directly. In addition, since it is easy to scale during the peak seasons (for specific retail industries, Christmas is more than one-quarter of their sales), you'll never be worried about missed emails or calls that result in a loss of revenue.

2.2 Help for Customers of E-Commerce

The main distinction between eCommerce and traditional retailing is that all transactions are conducted online, typically at the convenience of the shopper's home. As opposed to retail stores, the team you work with isn't able to approach them for assistance or explain the choices. It is therefore essential to offer a "knowledge base'' with instructions, FAQs and tutorials as well as content on specific topics. If your customers have contacted an agent, it is essential to motivate them to reach out with chat boxes and contact information conveniently placed at crucial points in the purchasing process.

3. Customer Support via Email BPO

Around 350 million emails get sent daily. It's vital to have a reliable communication channel for your clients. But, responding to emails from customers is exhausting, particularly when trying to enhance and expand your company. As your company grows, the emails start to arrive, and it becomes challenging to respond promptly. Thus employing an outsourcing company for email support is the most efficient solution. However, finding a partner who can take care of all questions and concerns of your clients is not as simple as it appears. Gear Inc India is well-known and has an increasing reputation in the world of customer support via email. We train our team to ensure they can answer your clients' questions directly on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

4. Live chat support outsourcing at Gear Inc India.

With 73 per cent of chatters who rate their satisfaction as "high," live chat support has emerged as the most popular channel utilised by consumers, particularly younger generations. It's a solution that your customers need to give them the answers they require at any time, 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. Setting up this type of service is costly and lengthy. Gear Inc India employs only committed and experienced live chat operators by utilising the highly-specialised hiring process that allows us to offer unbeatable service to your customers at a highly competitive cost. We offer flexible working hours to ensure that your company can address your customers' needs around all hours of the day - improving your company's customer contact and significantly impacting sales.

5. Social Media Support for Customers BPO

With over 3.48 billion social media users worldwide in 2019, customer service is growing more crucial. Customers expect that your company engages with them via the platform they prefer to communicate on, regardless of whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever social media giant is right around the corner. Gear Inc India will help you listen to the conversations surrounding your business online. Our customer support for social media agents will monitor your brand's mentions across various platforms. They'll also be able to respond to questions immediately, conduct the analysis of sentiments to gain more information about your clients, and create comments to aid you in exploring more potential growth opportunities.

6. In-app Customer Support Outsourcing

In-app support lets customers communicate with your customer support team and chatbots within your application. Mobile usage surpasses desktop usage, and that gap is increasing daily. It means that apps are rapidly becoming the preferred method in how people conduct their business, manage their lives and address their client's issues. In that case, there has to be a method to resolve them through the app. outsourcing assistance for mobile apps to an experienced and highly skilled team of professionals with years of experience providing reliable and consistent service could be a significant benefit to your company. Gear Inc India offers the entire spectrum of mobile app support on both the technical and customer service front. It allows you to concentrate on your business's core competencies while benefiting from good reviews and ratings on the app stores.

7. BPO Video Chat Support Customer Service BPO

Companies are using video chat for customer assistance to make conversations more personal and interactive and deliver an excellent overall customer experience. Video chat is ideal for technical issues that require visual understanding, which is often difficult to communicate via traditional channels for communication like phone or email. Gear Inc India's chat video support representatives can pinpoint the root of the issue quickly and improve the resolution of the first contact, helping to cut costs since there will be fewer questions to follow up. Therefore fewer, this means infrastructure costs to handle the conversations. Video chat to support customers assists in providing faster response times, increases customer satisfaction and boosts the brand's credibility.

8. Support for Customer Service Ticket Outsourcing

"Support ticket" refers to the communication between the customer and a support agent. Tickets get generated through various sources, including live chat, social media and messaging or email. An omnichannel method of handling tickets involves streamlining the different ticket processes across all your channels and placing them in one central location. Gear Inc India's omnichannel ticketing solution lets customer conversations on any support system or channel be visible to your support staff, making sure there is no unanswered ticket. It will instantly prioritise ticket requests based on different factors.

9. Multilingual Call Centre Services BPO

Globalisation and a heavily online-based economy mean businesses must be open to opportunities no matter where they are on the globe. In the same way, consumers are increasingly looking for brands that genuinely can understand their native language. But, there's no reason to risk losing your prospective customers simply because your employees do not understand your customers' language. Outsourcing can offer multilingual employees with proficiency in the local language and culture to maximise the potential of growth markets and avoid embarrassing faux pas. Gear Inc India's vast pool of customer service representatives can give your customers the assistance they require in 27 languages: Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Thai, Bahasa, Malay, Hindi, English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German. 24/7, seven days a week and 52 weeks in a row.

10. Why outsource the work to Gear Inc India?

  • As a global BPO supplier that offers various services such as the customer experience, our goal is to provide affordable solutions tailored to our client's specific needs. Each business is unique and has particular requirements. We provide bespoke services that fit any type and size of business and offer the ability to increase or decrease the size of your business per shifts in business requirements and objectives. We provide effective Customer Support Services to satisfy the ever-changing demands of any firm, no matter the size and tasks it performs.
  • We have several highly skilled customer service personnel with the perfect blend of knowledge, skills, and knowledge. Our customers have an advantage over other companies by using our friendly and reliable customer service.
  • We can help your company to run efficiently and effectively, at a reasonable cost, and with an understanding of the growing quantity of information your company produces.
  • Streamlining your processes is essential when you want to increase your growth in the future. Crucial tasks like customer service must get transferred to experts.
  • Learn more about outsourcing your customer service services and the benefits they could bring to your company.

Live Chat Outsourcing

A study shows the majority of respondents believe they are the top thing a brand can do is respect their time.

Outsourcing Live Chat Service lets companies interact with their customers or users whenever they visit their media sites in real-time. Find out how you can increase the ROI of your business through live outsourcing of chat now!

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Help with Live Chat Outsourcing

Thinking of Transfer Chat Service to an Outsourcing Company?

Live chat outsourcing provides companies with the chance for customers to chat with our support staff at any time.

It's a way for those who visit your website to interact with your business. Instead of talking to an agent, live chat outsourcing allows live interaction between the customer and a brand representative through an online chat box integrated into the browser.

Live chat is beneficial for customers to communicate with your business for any reason, such as information about your product, a solution to a problem, navigating the way or obtaining a policy regarding customers.

We offer live chat representatives that can quickly adapt to fit into the existing team or operate on their own to ensure that your clients are happy.

Benefits of outsourcing Live Chat Customer Support

Chat support for customers is so popular and widely employed that it has been one of the most fundamental ways of support for many businesses, and you might want to outsource live chat support.

Here are some reasons why Live Chat is an excellent support channel. Live Chat service is so helpful as a channel for support.

Enhance Sales

Shopping online is becoming increasingly commonplace. With no face-to-face interaction with the seller or support person, consumers require customer service to help them throughout the buying process. 

Up to 83% of shoppers require support from brands 24/7 when they complete online purchases. A person to talk anytime, any day of the week, gives confidence to the customers. They also tend to devote more time to live chat support to build the trust of the person who can make a positive impression.


Competitive Advantage

It is vital to stand out from your competition. Presently, no matter what field your company is operating in, there are a lot of competitors to choose from, and that selection is expanding rapidly.

Not just small and medium-sized companies but large companies have also realised the significance of providing live chat customer support and using these services to be an advantage over their competitors.


Cost-saving Solution for Businesses

Live Chat is not required to be the one-on-one communication between a client with an agent. Live chat support with real-time service implies that chat support representatives outsourced to you can handle multiple chats simultaneously for you!

So, there's no need to hire additional agents. Because customers get individualised advice depending on their requirements and preferences, you will save money like costs for returning products. Live Chat outsourcing solutions are more effective than call centres since it lowers total help desk cost by cutting down the wait time.

Time-Saving Benefits For Customers

Everybody is busy now. Consumers prefer to contact us through Live Chat because it means they can perform other tasks while waiting for responses. More than half of users opt for chat support because of this reason. Even if customers must wait for a few minutes, they can get off to do other things.

Live Chat connects customers instantly to an agent, without a complicated dialling process before they can talk with an agent. Live Chat service also helps customers resolve any questions related to their purchase directly on the spot. It is very well-liked by the customers as 44% believe that one of the top advantages of a site is the ability to chat with an agent when making purchases on the internet.

Build Better Relationships With Customers

Customer satisfaction is essential to your business's long-term viability, and keeping an ongoing relationship with your clients is vital. When they are satisfied, not only will they be more likely to change, but loyal customers are more likely to be less opposed to pricing.

Furthermore, they are more likely to spend more on customer service. Live Chat is a fantastic method to create an intimate relationship with your customers. Through this method, you can get to hear and create bonds that may build loyalty.

Test Gear Inc India for Your Live Chat Support Solutions Today

Gear Inc India is a specialist in live chat outsourcing that offers high-quality customer service all year round. Our highly trained Live Chat customer support agents are real - we never use bots. They are adept at handling chat requests in various languages, which makes it easier to serve an international client base.

We have professional support teams that can quickly adapt to your customers' requirements, whether they want to join your existing team or operate in their way, ensuring the customers you serve are happy.