Image Moderation

Image Moderation

Service for managing content searches user-generated material (UGC) to identify offensive or harmful content or images, in addition to unwanted or spammy ads. Following your community's guidelines, Content moderation service providers are accountable for removing gore and drugs, profanity or violence, and explicit or suggestive nudity to safeguard innocent internet users.

Image Modification

Stop different ways that users attempt to break the rules and security of dating sites, forums, chat rooms, online streaming platforms, and social media sites; Image moderation is popular and flexible.

Brands outsource image editing to ensure that the right people are exposed to the brand and reduce instances of online users attempting to undermine the brand's reputation and impact on the online community.

Image moderation

What is the Image Moderation Process?

Gear Inc India's well-trained workforce modifies the images posted by your customers in real-time, safeguarding your brand's image while giving users the ability to share and share their content. Our moderators identify the content that is harmful almost instantly and based upon the guidelines for your online community or the predefined guidelines of your customers.

Gear Inc India can moderate images before and after users can upload photos on social networks. Based on the requirements of our clients as well as the demographics of the traffic, we can provide solutions to ensure that inappropriate images are removed or classified.