Text Moderation

Text Moderation

Online interactive communities like review sites, chat rooms, chat rooms forums, or chat rooms are live or die on the content submitted by their members. Moderation of text is essential to ensure that only relevant user-generated content is uploaded and that any objectionable content does not contaminate your online experience for users. Remove comments, post reviews, and live chats according to specified criteria, or protect your reputation by removing any material that could cause security threats or legal problems.

Text Modification

Moderation of content generally refers to analysing and monitoring user-generated content, including review videos, reviews and social media posts or forums discussions.

How do you use the Text Moderation Process?

text moderation

Text moderation is the procedure to delete, approve or review content created by users according to the guidelines of a specific company and the legal documents of local authorities.

At Gear Inc India, our content moderators analyse content in a matter of minutes and, based on predefined guidelines, decide to accept or reject it. In the case of unclear or unrelated content, send the content back to your platforms using an API.

Gear Inc India is a service that works across time zones and several countries and with over 40 different languages, including English, Urdu, Hindi, Sinhala, Bahasa, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Khmer, Burmese, Lao, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Croatian, Greek, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Slovak, Slovene, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Gear Inc India's Content Moderation is based on the power of humans to ensure the highest accuracy! The assistance of humans is always necessary to identify "grey regions" that require human interaction.

With our moderation tools and the experience of our staff and clients, we guarantee your brand's trust and safety.