Video Moderation

Video moderation as well as Live Moderation for Streaming.

Video Moderation

Any platform that permits users to create content must have a moderation system in place. It safeguards customers from negative experiences, protects your brand from any communication issues, and safeguards your business from legal liability.

Video moderation Millions of people are sharing videos on the internet. Some of these videos are defamatory, offensive and violent, racist, music piracy or illegal. If not moderated, the content created by users can be a significant threat to brands' reputations and harm vulnerable groups.

What is the Video Moderation Process?

video moderation

We at Gear Inc India understand how important it is to live stream user-generated videos on your website immediately following submission.

While we believe that our artificial intelligence (AI) has come quite a way through time, we continue to develop our AI algorithms to satisfy the requirements of our clients. But, while the quality of our data and the context will affect us significantly, human moderators remain essential to regulating your brand's online presence and ensuring that the content users create of the required standards.

There are a variety of modes of video moderation that Gear Inc India can cover:

End-to-End Moderation To make sure that you are making precise judgments, End to End Moderation allows us to look over (watch and listen to) the entire videos to determine infractions to the content.

User-Generated content moderated at Gear Inc India is a way to provide customers with a thorough knowledge of how consumers feel about their brands. There are two ways to achieve this: